2014 CFB: 7-3 +11 Units

2014 MLB: 253-215-8 +100.45 Units

We finish the year 2013-14 #1 in CFB at sports-bettors.com

and #5 at capperswatchdog.com

We finish the year 2012-13 #1 in CBB at sports-bettors.com




Lekota Sports offers instant purchase of all sports picks packages. Once you purchase you will have access to your selections within minutes.

  LS Early Bird Football Package!!! $199.00

Get every play we release in both the NFL and CFB thru the Super Bowl. This WILL include all DIME PLAYS and any Game of the Year type plays we might have. We will also throw in the rest of MLB, WNBA, CFL, and the AFL. This early bird price won't last long. Last year we finished #1 in CFB at sports-bettors.com, #5 at capperswatchdog.com, and #10 at cappersmonitor.com. Wasn't a great year in the NFL but still squeezed out a small profit. We are currently #1 in MLB at sports-bettors.com



  LS Daily Package $10.00

Get every play in every sport for 1 day in this Package. This package is guaranteed to show you a profit or you will get the next 3 days for FREE. DIME PLAYS or  GOY are NOT included in this package.

  LS 3 Day Package $20.00

Get every play in every sport for 3 days. We must show you a profit or we will give you the next 7 days for FREE.

  LS Weekly Package $49.00

Get every play Lekota Sports releases in every sport for seven days. Dime PLAYS are included in this Package. We must show you a profit in this package or we will give you 2 weeks for FREE.

  LS Monthly Package $69.00

Get every pick in the NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, MLB, AFL, WNBA for 30 days. Thats every DIME PLAY and any Game Of the Years that we might have.

  Free Picks $0.00

Our free picks are star rated member premium paid picks. We only give out a free play when we have 4 or more premium plays.

This will take you to paypal just ignore it and go back to the site and your account should have been created.

Any issues just let us know at lekotasports@yahoo.com







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